Bullseye Talkatoo

by edwin - on December 26th, 2010

bullseyeThey say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and that is why there are devices and technology that help people keep in touch such as video phone calls and webcams. Well, here’s something crazy – the Bullseye Talkatoo that targets little kids, where they can wear as a necklace or as a clip-on charm for backpacks, lunchboxes, purses or even belt loops. All you need to do is press the small button to leave your message, and the big one to play it back – now how about that? Of course, it won’t help the little one achieve independence of his/her parents faster, and might even end up psychologically scarred because other kids in school just won’t stop teasing said child. Ah well, it remains to be seen whether the $16.99 device here is worth every penny in the long run.

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