Table Tennis To Go Portable Ping Pong Set

by edwin - on November 19th, 2010

table-tennis-to-go-tableWe would say that table tennis is a pretty niche game, and while it isn’t that popular as tennis to the masses, it still is a pretty intense game, as you will need superb reflexes and the relevant skill to be able to outplay your highly skilled opponent. Well, if you want to get your ping pong fix just about anywhere and anytime, you might want to check out the Table Tennis To Go Portable Ping Pong Set. Touted to let you enjoy ping pong on nearly any table, this portable set retails for $15.95 and will come with an expandable net, spring loaded rubber jaws for the net posts so that they will not leave any marks on the table, and a trio of balls and two paddles to get you started right out of the bag. We say if you want to get serious about the game, use a standard table, making this anytime, anywhere solution pretty much redundant.

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