Suit up your car with a Reindeer Costume

by edwin - on November 17th, 2010

car-reindeerGet into the Christmas groove by making a fool of your car (and yourself) with this $19.99 Reindeer Costume for Cars. Imagine making your way through snowstorms, crisp arctic air, and shopping mall parking lots just like how Santa would, on a true Reindeer. Of course, don’t leave any GPS navigation units or anything else valuable inside unless you want someone naughty to pick “Santa’s” ride. We’re also pretty sure that you are able fly much faster than Rudolph and his cohort. The unique costume comprises of 17-inch antlers and a red nose which would be attached to your car’s windows and grille. Made out of weather resistant fabric and plastic, you are not advised to drive faster than 40mph and remember – don’t lower your window while moving!

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  1. Mathieu says:

    jezz 20$, there are 1.25$ at Dollarama in Canada

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