Sarah Palin Talking Keychain

by edwin - on November 22nd, 2010

talkingkeychain-sarahpalinPolitics are a very sensitive thing, and it is a landscape where one can never run out of opportunities to make a joke out of. Take for instance, Sarah Palin who now comes in the form of a Talking Keychain. This basically lets you tell people that Sarah Palin is in your pocket, where it will hold some smooth talking phrases, featuring Sarah’s real voice as well. Among the following sayings would be a threefold cry of “Alaska!”, apart from “We eat, therefore we hunt.”, “Pretty relevant important stuff…to me anyway.”, “In what respect, Charlie?”, “Ya quit makin’ things up.”, “I’ll betcha!” and five more bonus phrases. All of this can be yours for $9.95 a pop.

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