Pooping Reindeer Candy Dispenser

by edwin - on November 22nd, 2010

poopingreindeer-pooperWith Christmas just around the corner, it makes perfect sense if you want to make sure your home is as Christmas-sy as possible. Enter the Pooping Reindeer Candy Dispenser, where the name itself says it all. With a likeness of Rudolph who owns a glowing, red nose, where pushing it will produce candy. To make full use of it, just remove the head and place the candy into the hole. This is followed by replacing the head, shaking the Reindeer gently to settle the candy, hold down the Reindeer around his body, and receive tasty treats from his bottom. This pooping reindeer can be yours for $4.95.

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  1. Qoureno says:

    Splendid! I wish I could afford buying such… Foolish gadgets xD

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