Swirly Ice Cream Cone Beanie

by edwin - on October 18th, 2010

beanieSince the mercury is about to drop when winter comes, keeping oneself warm should be something you look into. After all, freezing your exposed body parts off isn’t something that anyone likes, so why not look silly while you’re at it with the Swirly Ice Cream Cone Beanie? It looks delicious enough to eat, and best of all is, this “ice cream” will never melt no matter how hot your body gets! It looks sweet as heck and ups the cuteness level by another few notches with a cherry located on top. Expect to make your little ones happy this holiday season for $27.99 each.

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  1. Dany says:

    From the site I can not make order for Italy. Do you know a store in Italy?

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