Putty Monsters

by ally - on October 8th, 2010


Silly putty is an extremely old product and one that kids are used to seeing.  Now that doesn’t mean that they don’t still get a small thrill from digging into the goo and shaping it, but that new car excitement has just worn off.  Well one person has found a simple way to make putty fun and new all over again.  By just throwing in some eyeballs you have a brand new product.  Now instead of shaping random things, you are shaping monsters.  You can pick up a small container of this for $16.  I know that they’ve only added some plastic eyeballs, but I’m still dying to pick up a few of these slimy monsters.

Source: OhGizmo

2 thoughts on “Putty Monsters”

  1. tom spring says:

    Hi, I am the inventor of this product and I would just loike to say thank you soooooo much for putting this on your site, I check it all the time! aslo, its not just eyes in putty, if you look real close you may be able to see that they have kind of a skin feel to them, a texture!

    thank again

    1. edwin says:

      No worries Tom, glad to help 😀

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