Nicot Wood Robot targets kids’ rooms

by edwin - on September 1st, 2010

nicot-wood-robotHaving kids can be a pretty expensive affair, and the bills add up quickly before you know it. Well, getting furniture for them is quite the tricky affair since it will require you to strike a careful balance between style, useability and longevity. For those who have a little bit more money than normal to throw around, the Nicot Wood Robot is the right purchase – if you don’t mind forking out $297 for a robot-like wooden furniture, of course. Made from wood and being full of shelf space and mini drawers, it will give a chance to your kids to keep their things neat and tidy, although Nicot’s swiveling head does add to his charm. His arms can also move with a chest that opens up to reveal more space for storage – now how about that? And when your little ones leave the home for college, you can always use this as firewood to keep yourself warm during the bitter and cold winters.

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