Hose Nose Goo Candy Dispenser

by edwin - on September 17th, 2010

hosenoseHate kids and want to make sure they won’t bother you any more next year during Halloween? Then get the Hose Nose Goo Candy Dispenser which ought to gross out most of the little tykes except for those whose insatiable appetite for candy knows no bounds. This is no regular mask, as you wear the slimed candy filled, nose mask. All you need to do is remove the red cap located right under the nose, squeeze it, and let it flow – oh yeah, for added gross out effect, why not let your tongue hang lose? In this way, it would seem as though having a runny nose might just be something good. The Hose Nose Goo Candy Dispenser is disgustingly cheap at $2.50 to boot for a memorable Halloween.

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