Fast Food Bands

by edwin - on September 6th, 2010

fast-food-bandLove fast food? While it is definitely a sign of civilization (which in our books, is signaled by the presence of the Golden Arches), it isn’t too good for your health if consumed on a daily basis. Sure, it tastes great as heck, but try feeding a kid with nothing but Big Macs, fries and Coke for the first 15 years of his or her life, and chances are you’ll have a hyperactive kid who needs to lose weight pronto on your hands. Well, why not substitute your love for fast food (or to show it off, it works either way) with the Fast Food Bands? These vanilla-scented bands will come in a range of colors, and are accompanied by a durable and reusable zipping pouch for easy storage and carrying. You can choose from French Fries, Corndog, Milkshake, Chinese Takeout, Ice Cream and Pizza designs, where each pack carries four of each design for a total of 24 bands. It retails for $5.49 per pack.

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