Easy Lightbulb Remover

by edwin - on September 3rd, 2010

bulb-removerI don’t know about you, but how often is it that your home ends up with broken lightbulbs? Even kids who are boisterous won’t go around busting lightbulbs just for fun, thinking that they’re some kind of pinata. Well, just in case your household suffers from a case of frequently broken lightbulbs, then the Easy Lightbulb Remover might be just the thing for you – after all, removing them could be dangerous and result in cuts on your fingers, so this sub-$6 device makes it a snap to remove broken bulbs. All you need to do is insert the long handled EaseOut into the socket and the lightbulb can be eased out. Good thing there is a plastic shield which will also help protect your eyes from falling glass.

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