BS Bullshit Button Key Chain

by edwin - on September 21st, 2010

bullshitbutton-keychainKeychains are more or less essential tools for most of us, so why not make it a practical one as well? The BS Bullshit Button Key Chain will certainly inject some much needed laughter into a stoic life, where it will issue 7 different random bullshit alerts at the press of each button – helping you cut off someone rudely (and intentionally) whom you think has more BS than your keychain. Among the phrases uttered would be as follows :-

  • Bullshit Alert – Bullshit Alert!
  • Everybody Put On Your Helmet Bullshit Is Being Flung!
  • What A Crock Of Bullshit!
  • If Bullshit Were Money You’d Be A Millionaire!
  • Step Right Up And Get Your Bullshit Here!
  • Now That Was Grade A Bullshit!
  • If It Gets Any Deeper In Here, I’ll Need A Latter To Climb Out!

Powered by a trio fo button cell batteries, the Bullshit Button Key Chain is dirt cheap at $4.95.

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