X-Wing Mailbox

by ally - on August 15th, 2010


I’ve never been brave enough to have a pretty or interesting mailbox.  Living out in the middle of nowhere it’s a big risk to bother with something like that thanks to mischievous teens that enjoy seeing if they can knock off a mailbox by hurling a piece of firewood at it.  Surprisingly this X-Wing Mailbox has survived a half a decade, which is just as shocking to the owner of the mailbox.  He thought that it’d end up being the victim of vandalism, but so far Star Trek fans have left it alone.  The wing span is 5 feet long, so it wouldn’t be an easy thing to steal.  Sadly this can’t be purchased, it’s just a creation by Craig Smith.  If you’re feeling crafty though, perhaps you could just make your own.

Source: GeekDad

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