WoWWee Fairy Godfather Animated Computer Personality

by edwin - on August 20th, 2010

fairy-godfatherWe have heard of the Fairy Godmother in stories, but how about a Fairy Godfather? He certainly ain’t no Al Pacino, but robotics specialists WowWee has come up with the ChatterBot Fairy Godfather Animated Computer Personality. This unique desktop computer accessory will not run out of things to talk about, since each ChatterBot comes with a unique personality and a signature animation. It will plug straight into your Mac or PC using an included USB cable, where you can then listen and watch as your ChatterBot ends up being the resident chatterbox for hours on end. You can type in key words to have it trigger hilarious routines, adding some life to an otherwise dreary office environment. It currently retails for $23.99 a pop.

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