Silicone Oven Shield offers adequate protection

by edwin - on August 25th, 2010

silicone-ovenLove baking? Well, chances are you would not be an accomplished chef, cook or baker without having gone through some spills and pain in the kitchen. After all, most, if not all, skilled ares in life follows the mantra “no pain, no gain”, so why should baking be any different? Perhaps you have a scar that you want to show off during your initial apprentice days, simply because they did not have anything like the Silicone Oven Shield to help you out. This item does make sense assuming you lack the common version, where it will line the outer edge of the oven racks so that you can pull those racks out using your bare hands without the need for pot holders, oven mitts or towels. The silicone itself will be as cool as a cucumber in temperatures of up to 450 degrees, costing you $9.98 for a set of two.

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