Origami Napkins give you some class

by ally - on August 11th, 2010


When it comes to serving dinner, half the appeal is the presentation.  You can have all the fancy dishes that money can buy and still not have enough to make your evening memorable.  Thankfully, once again Think Geek is to the rescue with Origami Napkins.  You have seen those fancy restaurants with napkins folded into pretty shapes and placed on your plate for display.  Well now you can make your own fancy pants shapes.  There are 10 of each design printed directly onto these napkins at 4 different skill levels.  There is the Flapping Bird, the Polo Shirt, the Bird of Paradise and finally The Jester Boot.  Once you add it all up there are 40 napkins.  To purchase them it’ll cost you $8.99 through Think Geek.

Source: FunniestGadgets

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