Monster Fun Pops

by edwin - on August 5th, 2010

monster-fun-popWhile we’re on the subject of ice lollies, how about the Monster Fun Pops as well? This unique popsicle holder will make your little one the envy of the neighborhood (assuming their moms don’t buy one as well), as it offers homemade flavors decided by you, alongside an appearance that makes your kid proud enough to go out from the home and boast about his lolly. All you need to do is add your favorite beverage to the indicated fill line, insert the handle and toss it into the freezer to freeze. After a few hours, just flip and twist to remove your popsicle – it isn’t drip free though. $11.99 will net you a set of four.

2 thoughts on “Monster Fun Pops”

  1. Weesel says:

    They look more like those… adult plugs. Eww.

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