Knobbly Knees Towel

by edwin - on August 27th, 2010

knobbly-kneesNow here’s a towel that you might want to get for your bloke – the Knobbly Knees Towel. After all, at £10.99 each, it will definitely add a comical dimension to your bathroom especially when he is not exactly the most hirstute of men you’ve been with. It will also cater well for the ladies who want and are absolutely, passionately in love with knobbly knees. Regardless of whether your man is wearing it just for you, or he loves having a laugh at his own expense at public beaches, the Knobbly Knees Towel will definitely draw a smile. You can choose from 3 different designs (difference lies in the flags) that comprise of the Scottish (the Saltire), Union Jack or George Cross.

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