Inflatable Beer Bucket

by edwin - on August 20th, 2010

inflatable-bucketBuying beer by the bucket is a well taken route if you want to end up drunk at the end of the night, so why not purchase your very own Inflatable Beer Bucket for £7.95? This inflatable ‘outdoor fridge’ can be filled up with cold water and ice, where you can then leave all your favorite bottles inside to let them chill while you get the BBQ ready. There is nothing quite like having some well done meat and cold beer in the midst of family and friends, right? It comes in a fun pint design, and is a summer essential. While you’re getting ready for fall in the northern hemisphere, you can always ship one to your friends down south as they prepare for their summer in due time. Storage is also a snap since all you need to do is deflate it.

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