Fake Drink Spills save seats

by ally - on August 8th, 2010


I remember seeing fake spill stuff at least 15 years ago.  When they hit the market they were hilarious and retailers were anxious to snatch them up.  However, after a while you just didn’t see them much anymore.  I guess people weren’t that excited about making fake messes within their homes.  Well one guy is trying to make them come back again, but they actually have a decent angle.  Instead of just selling them as novelty items, they’re selling them as seat savers.  It’s actually incredibly brilliant.  Just think about it.  You leave it on a seat you want to hang onto when no one is looking and no one will want to sit on the seat covered in sticky ice cream.  Maybe those things can find a practical use after all.

Source: CraziestGadgets

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