Suitcase Stickers might slow you down in the airport

by ally - on July 23rd, 2010


Airports are so uptight these days.  You always have to be on guard to make sure you don’t say something incredibly stupid that could land you having a serious “talk” with the airport security guys.  Of course if you’ve had enough of walking on egg shells, then there is another option.  You could slap these stickers onto your suitcase.  Sure, you’ll probably get pulled aside a whole lot more often, but at least you can show off to the world that you’re rebelling against the tight security.  You can purchase a set of 4 that includes a bag filled with drugs, one with a tied up stewardess, a suitcase of money and finally one filled with sex toys.  You can purchase the full set for $25 through The Cheeky.


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