Stylish Self Adhesive Mustaches For Girls

by ally - on July 15th, 2010


If I were forced to pick a top 5 of the strangest products I’ve written up for Foolish Gadgets, this one would make the list.  They’re mustaches made just for the ladies.  Mustaches have officially gotten big enough that they’re making them for the fairer sex.  Let’s face it though, mustaches are awesome and the women should get to be just as cool as the guys.  Of course somehow these just went horribly wrong.  Who knew a mustache on a girl could look so creepy?!  These furry upper lips come in all sorts of mustache styles, so that you can properly pair them with your favorite outfits.  You can purchase a set for $5.95 through Archie McPhee.

Source: Bookofjoe

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