PoopSenders is exactly how it sounds

by ally - on July 19th, 2010


Yes, one noble retailer has committed themselves to sending different types of poop all around the world.  It comes with a handy little card.  On the front it states, “You’ve been pooped on want to know by whom?  OVER”.  The back then smothers their dreams of knowing just who the poop came from by saying, “We’ll Never Tell”.  To make the gag even better the receiver has to dig through the poop to get the card, that they believe states who sent it.  Then they only come out with no name and a handful of stale poop.  It’s at least kind enough to give the retailer’s email address to the person that received it.  You know, just in case they decide to partake in the poop war themselves.  You can see all of the prices above for the elephant, gorilla and cow crap.  Even if you don’t want to purchase some poop for someone, the testimonials are hilarious to read through.

Source: Bookofjoe

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