New Yorkers Offered Ninja Lessons

by ally - on July 13th, 2010


Yep, they’re serious.  If you’ve ever wanted to be a ninja, you need to move your tail to New York.  One instructor has a class that not only teaches you martial arts, but the secrets behind being a ninja warrior.  Then you can grab your pirate buddy and finally decide which one is more deadly.  Of course to settle the dispute you’ll have to fork out $195 for 90 minutes of training.  Then again, if you’re going to invest that much, it just means that you should raise the stakes on the bet over which one will win.

Source: Geekologie

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  1. Stephen Russell says:

    Love 2 see this franchise worldwide, radical, & train solo & in groups.
    & outdoors in mock raids etc.
    What fun, I respect Ninjas, If I have wealth Id have Ninjas bodyguard me but trained with firearms & Ninja gear Both.

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