Milky Moo Milk Head

by edwin - on July 17th, 2010

milky-mooGot milk? That was the advertising campaign from quite a while back, encouraging you to get a milk moustache so that you will grow up strong and healthy, getting enough calcium into your system so that you won’t suffer from brittle bones in your latter years. Well, some kids might not like to drink milk simply because the packaging is not attractive enough, which is where the Milky Moo Milk Head comes in. It might look udderly (pun intended) ridiculous, but it gets the job done – all you need to do is twist Milky Moo onto the top of your milk jug, remove the corn cob and pour. Once done, place the corn cob back securely and you’re good to go. Made out of hard plastic, the Milky Moo Milk Head is a universal cap size which fits most standard plastic milk jugs, retailing for $4.99 each.

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