Magical Talking Vanity Mirror

by edwin - on July 31st, 2010

How many girls grow up wishing that they could be princesses, no thanks to popular media, especially those stories from Disney which show off what a magical life a princess leads? The Magical Talking Vanity Mirror is one tool that they should not grow up with then, as it lights up automatically to help you get started on your make up. Not only that, you will be able to hear “Princess phrases” when beauty accessories interact with the mirror itself – these accessories are included in each purchase, comprising of a Stool, Hand Mirror and Magic Key. There is also a pretend perfume bottle, nail polish, lipstick and blush brush to go along with your imagination. Hopefully whichever child grows up with this won’t end up disillusioned when she finds out that the world’s not all as it is, and Prince Charming is just a wild figment of her imagination.

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