Gorilla Mug helps you monkey around

by edwin - on July 30th, 2010

gorilla-mugRemember the Piggy Snout Mug that we covered a few days ago? Well, here’s the Gorilla Mug for a different perspective. I know, a gorilla is an ape and not a monkey, but they’re close enough for the layman, eh? It will definitely spark any room that sees someone drink from this mug, bottoms up. At least if you drink from this yourself, it shows to the rest of the office that you aren’t just a boring old office drone, and know how to have fun in the process. The Gorilla Mug measures 3.75″ tall x 3″ in diameter, and can be plonked into the dishwasher when you’re done with your drink. It will sell for the same price as the Piggy Snout Mug, which is $14.99.

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