Exclusive Lightsaber Bottle Opener

by edwin - on July 21st, 2010

lightsaberJedi don’t get drunk, do they? After all, imagine what happens when you see Obi Wan in a drunken stupor, stepping out of a bar in Cantina and going all crazy with his Force push powers. The whole street will be wrecked, and poor Master Yoda will have to go naked by selling his worldly possessions to pay for the damage. Good thing this Exclusive Lightsaber Bottle Opener is not meant for Jedis but ordinary humans instead, since we don’t know how to harness the force to pop open bottles, doing it the old fashioned way for $16.99 each. Made out of stainless steel, don’t expect its 5.5″ length to increase with a glowing blade anytime soon.

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