Defrosty Ice Cubes give your summer drinks a morbid spin

by ally - on July 6th, 2010


There is no doubt about it, in my part of the world it has gotten almost unbearably hot from the very beginning of the summer.  Normally I love the heat, but it just seems to be a bit more brutal this year.  Well, we humans have it easy, Frosty apparently didn’t make it out in time and he currently finds himself floating in someone’s cool glass of water.  Actually, in truth no snowmen were actually harmed in the making of this drink.  It was just created from Defrosty Ice Cubes that you can pick up through Perpetual Kid.  With the set of them you get 6 lumps of coal and 3 bright orange carrots.  They’re reusable ice cubes that you can drop into your summer drinks time and time again after you pay them $7.99.

Source: GreenHead

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