Cold Boulders Reusable Ice Cubes

by edwin - on July 24th, 2010

coldbouldersHaving a nice, cold drink is great especially during a sweltering and hot summer day. However, if you tend to be part of the recycling camp, then you might be interested in bringing home the Cold Boulders Reusable Ice Cubes. As its name implies, you will be able to reuse these dishwasher-safe granite-inspired Cold Boulders over and over again as ice cubes, since they are filled with purified water and will never dilute to make sure your beverage remains as thick as before while remaining chilled and ncie. Each $7.99 purchase comes with 8 of these boulders, bringing new meaning to having a drink on the rocks. Too bad for those who have the habit of chewing on ice cubes though.

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