Pickle Pops made from real pickles

by ally - on June 4th, 2010


This has to be the absolute most disturbing summer treat you could ever purchase.  Instead of cooling off with some cherry flavored popsicle, you can enjoy a Pickle Pop.  Of course you’ll probably never see this in the freezer section in your local grocery store, but you can find them online.  These pops are made from pure pickles, they squeeze out all of the juice and then the brine and pickle guts are liquefied to create these Pickle Pops.  You can purchase a set of 6 of these for $6.99 through Perpetual Kid.

Source: FunniestGadgets

0 thoughts on “Pickle Pops made from real pickles”

  1. Kelly M. says:

    This sounds fantastic!
    I would think purchasing a turkey gravy popsicle (complete with giblets and innards) would be far more ‘disturbing’.

  2. Weesel says:

    Eww, eww, eww and did I mention eww?

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