Jet Engine Coffee Table is the death of your shins

by ally - on June 17th, 2010


This contemporary coffee table is very interesting looking, especially since it’s made from an engine turbine of a 1950s jet airplane.  I know, it is very cool, so it might seem strange that I’d be slipping this one onto Foolish Gadgets.  However, you see all of those pointy metal pieces sticking out?  Okay now think about how many times you’ve managed to ram your shins into your coffee table.  It hurt when it was made out of wood, but running into this in the middle of the night will definitely ruin your evening.  Sure, it looks like there’s a glass cover to put over top of it, but it also just looks like it sits on top without any securing.  That means that when you’re wandering around for a late night snack that glass piece is going to make one serious boom.  Luckily, so far this hasn’t even made it to the point that they’ve set a price.  Then again, I imagine it’s not exactly going to be cheap.

Source: BornRich

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