Gun Fan keeps you cool in style

by ally - on June 11th, 2010


Instead of cooling off with some ridiculous handheld fan, you need something with more of an edge.  Thankfully someone has created this Gun Fan.  It’ll make you look a little more tough when it’s excessively hot outside.  The small white fan is made out of ABS plastic and features soft blades.  It’ll require AAA batteries to keep up and running.  You can purchase the Gun Fan for $5 through Kikkerland.

Source: HolyCool

2 thoughts on “Gun Fan keeps you cool in style”

  1. McCall says:

    Foolish?!? Y’all are bonkers.
    IMHO, this thing is absolutely awesome! Granted, “awesome” in the same way as the iconic Switchblade Comb, but awesome is awesome. I have a Gun Lighter… now I can add to my collection. ; )

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