Billiards gadget case

by edwin - on June 23rd, 2010

billiards-caseCheck out this nifty method of preventing unwanted scratches and marks to make a permanent impression on your sensitive gadgets and cellphones, where you have the Billiards gadget case that will fend off any external threats (doesn’t do much against drops, of course). A full color image is printed on the front and back, and it has been bonded to materials to create a matte finish exterior, complete with black scratch free felt within. Should it get stained with ketchup or having gone through some rather adventurous times with you, you can always hand wash it with cold water and mild soap to get dirt and grime off. It will fit iPhones of all generations as well as the iPod touch, although other similarly sized devices will do as well. Each $20 purchase comes carded and sealed in plastic.

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