Zombie Blood Energy Potion for folks with a macabre taste

by edwin - on May 14th, 2010

zombie-bloodEver wondered why do zombies need to chew on brains? We don’t either, since everything about them is just theoretical and there aren’t any brain eating zombies running about in the real world as depicted by the movies. We hope it stays that way as well! For folks who are curious as to how zombies sustain themselves just in case there aren’t any fresh brains available, with the introduction of the Zombie Blood Energy Potion. This fruity green potion comes packed in what looks like a hospital blood bag, retailing for $3.99 each. You will need until August this year to get your hands on a bag though, since they’re probably processing some humans right now till then to have enough stock.

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  1. Jon says:

    They are actually available right now 🙂 livingwithbloodlust.com/zombie

    1. edwin says:

      Thanks for the tip, Jon!

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