USB Flash Drive with Voice Recording

by edwin - on May 23rd, 2010

usb-flash-drive-recordingThis USB flash drive goes one up on the rest of its brethren, where it boasts the ability to record conversations as well. Unfortunately, it will do so in the WAV format which is much more inefficient compared to MP3, considering the size it requires to store a minute’s worth of conversation taking up a whole lot more than what the MP3 format would. The built-in battery offers up to 5 hours of non-stop recording, and nice to know it has an On/Off switch. Guess having this on your desk and leaving it on during lunch hour is good since you can then replay all the banter among your colleagues when they’re not around. Brando is offering this for $23 a pop.

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  1. I think it would be prohibitively expensive to put and mp3 encoder chip on usb stick and still keep the price at $23. The mp3 codec license itself costs a pretty penny. That’s probably why they stuck with the wav format.

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