Twitter helps Japanese man in toilet

by edwin - on May 10th, 2010

twitter-toiletWho would have thought that Twitter could save you from a real embarrassing situation, with user naika_tei found himself in a toilet booth that has no toilet paper at all in the male toilets of Yodobashi Camera in the Akihabara district. Granted, the cardinal rule would be to look for toilet paper before locking yourself up in that particular booth, but we guess naika_tei was in a real tight spot at that point in time. Well at least he tweeted his way to some help, where someone provided him with a lifeline some 20 minutes later. Always carry some tissues with you, we say.

Source: Japantrends

23 thoughts on “Twitter helps Japanese man in toilet”

  1. Daz says:

    hahaha, really funny but surprised.

  2. Antoine says:

    I lived in Japanese and it seems like it’s not such a Japanese thing to do. they are way to shy for that. No?

  3. Lol….great story. U should always have a bit of tissue with you. Never know when it may com in handy. x

  4. imus says:

    I envy the Japanese,to such effective use of twitter.

    I’m Cathay.Not Jap.

  5. 外贸人 says:

    hahaha,it’s useful~~

  6. CkDI says:

    haha, why not just call his colleague or knock the door for help?

  7. Joey says:

    I find it hard to believe that in akihibara the public toilet didn’t have a built in bidet. and yes, i would agree that he would be too shy to ask for help (maybe why he did it on twitter) but it would be too impolite not to give help.

  8. Technocrazy says:

    LOL,…. hope we can see his face in there when he runs out the paper 😀

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