Soccer Iceball is obviously round

by edwin - on May 27th, 2010

iceball-soccerSince the World Cup in South Africa will be literally kicking off next month, the whole world (except for most of those living in North America, of course) will be riveted in their seats, wondering if Spain will be able to win a major honor at last. Surely you will enjoy those matches with some chips (or snack of your choice) alongside a cool drink, which means ice cubes would come in handy. Why not get into the mood of things with the Soccer Iceball ice maker? This means you won’t get cubes, but rather ice pieces that comes in the shape of a soccer ball. You can choose from 65mm and 30mm sizes, where they are extremely expensive at $1,948 and $207, respectively. Interestingly enough, the device relies on heat and pressure to create these ice balls within minutes.

Source: Coolhunting

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