Ring of Fire Drinking Game

by edwin - on May 17th, 2010

ring-of-fireThere is nothing quite like celebrating a momentous occassion in your life with a round of drinks, for example, having your favorite soccer team win the World Cup. Heck, even if it loses, you too can drown your sorrows (albeit do it responsibly eh). For those who want to find a valid reason to knock back a few bottles of liquor, the Ring of Fire Drinking Game is here to help. This £4.95 game is meant for 3 or more players, and is a “highly addictive game of chance, with amusing tasks and potential pitfalls along the way.” All you need to do is draw during your turn and let your fate fall into the hands of the card drawn. You can work alone or form alliances to gang up on other players, but above all, the card to avoid like the plague would be the ‘dirty pint’ card that forces you to down the central drink.

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