iClothing offers pockets for your iPad

by ally - on May 24th, 2010


Yes, seriously.  This isn’t one of those funny items someone made in photoshop to give you a good laugh.  They have the iShirt in both black and white, it’s a unisex shirt that you’ll be paying $44.95 AUD.  Then should you want something a little more feminine you can pick up the iDress.  It’s your classic black dress, it just happens to have a pouch on the front for the iPad.  You could have bought it for $89.95 AUD, but it’s actually sold out.  You can pre-order it just in case another round of these happens to come in though.

Source: Techeblog

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  1. thatkeith says:

    So what do those things look like when you AREN’T holding the iPad up halfway out of the pocket? Hanging the weight from the front like that can’t be a good look…

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