Doctor Who Levitating Timelord’s Spinning Tardis

by edwin - on May 18th, 2010

spinning-tardisDoctor Who fans will find the Levitating Timelord’s Spinning Tardis to be a hoot to have on your desks, as it is now available for pre-order for $35.99 a pop, and shipping will commence this coming August although nothing is confirmed yet. This spinning Tardis will levitate as though by magic, but we all know that it will have something to do with electromagnetic fields to keep it spinning and floating in perpetuity – at least until the six AA batteries powering it dies off, where it will then fall with an unceremonious thud. Something tells us this is not the gift for Tony Stark….

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  1. SG1DUDE says:

    I love the Doctor Who series! The old and new, but if the Tardis doesn’t light up on top I’ll have to wire in a red flashing LED to put the icing on the cake!! I think this unit is going to look awesome next to my model DeLorean!!

  2. Raven says:

    The only thing the batteries are needed for is to keep the motor in the base running to actually rotate the Tardis. After the batteries die, the magnets will still keep the Tardis floating in place, just not rotating. (They’re not *electro*-magnets.)

    1. edwin says:

      Thx for the knowledge comment, Raven 🙂 appreciate it

  3. Russell says:

    I am going to save up for this one.

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