Color Changing Sprinkler

by edwin - on May 26th, 2010

color-changing-sprinklerWant something that can spruce up your lawn without costing too much? The answer can be found in the Color Changing Sprinkler, where it will function as a nighttime fountain that lights up through a spectrum of colors, reaching up to 6.5 feet in height and more than 19 feet in diameter. Of course, the more noble motive for getting one of these would be to water your lawn, but we know that the main reason why you forked out $24.98 for this puppy would be to impress guests at night whenever they drop by for an evening at your place. It seems that this device helps you save money in the long run as well, as it does not require any batteries or electricity to run, using 30% less water than regular sprinklers at the same time. What does it run on, pixie dust?

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