Can’t afford Botox? How about an anti-aging tape?

by edwin - on May 30th, 2010

anti-aging-tapeTrust the Japanese to come up with a poor man’s version of Botox. We’re talking about cosmetic company Reiko Kazki rolling out the “Kaduki Cut Design Tape”, where it measures all of 0.01mm thin, and is invisible while coming in the form of really strong tape which helps you fight wrinkles, or at least gives out the impression that it does so. All you need to do is apply this “Kaduki Cut Design Tape” on selected areas of your skin and it is touted to offer a similar effect as a Botox injection or your average left-up without having to go under the knife or hassle yourself with support make-up or foundation. 3 sheets that come with 30 pre-cut tapes will retail for 4,725 Yen, and will be out in Japan from June onwards.

Source: Akihabaranews

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