Beaming White Forever White Teeth Whitening Headset

by edwin - on May 23rd, 2010

teeth-whiteningHow many of us smoke and drink enough coffee that there isn’t anything available in the market to help you whiten your teeth, no matter how often you brush them? This is where the Beaming White Forever White Teeth Whitening Headset lets you look foolish, where it comes complete with a music headset that can be connected to a favorite portable media player of your choice to listen to your playlist while your teeth get the whitening treatment. The blue LEDs will utilize similar wavelengths as the professional teeth whitening machines do (or so it claims) – we’re guessing this dosn’t work as advertised, otherwise all dentists will lose out in this revenue stream in the long run.

Source: Chip Chick

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  1. Jim Remington says:

    Actually, it does work as advertised. You still see dentists charging $600 for teeth whitening, even though there are hundreds of teeth whitening strips available in the market. Teeth whitening strips work, but they take a few weeks to work and they cause a lot of tooth sensitivity. The $100 treatments they perform in spas and salons work if they use a strong gel like the one Beaming White uses in it’s headset hit, but people still pay $600 to the dentist. So don’t think that just because somethign makes more sense and is more affordable that people will automatically purchase it. You should try it. It worked great on me.

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