Bandai unleashes giant 5-foot tall Gundam robot

by edwin - on May 15th, 2010

gundamn-saleIf you happen to have a penchant for giant robots and all things Japanese, then chances are you would find the giant 5-foot tall Gundam robot to elicit a whole lot of drool from your mouth. This 1/12 scale version of the RX-78-2 robot tips the scales at around 77 pounds, and won’t come cheap at $3,400 each. What it does very well is being able to impress anyone who walks into your office or home, seeing this standing guard over the lobby or living room.

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  1. David Susilo says:

    Such old news. My local J-store in Toronto (Canada) have had these for sale for the past 6 years or so.

    Still cool, though.

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