St. Bernard Dog Collar Barrel

by edwin - on April 12th, 2010

collar-barrelSt. Bernards are lovely giant dogs, with stories going about that they used to roam snowy mountains with miniature barrels of whiskey strapped to their collars, helping out trapped hikers by letting them drink some in order to stay warm. For those who own St. Bernards, why not make them hark back to the good old days with a mini barrel complete with miniature spigots? Using American White Oak and wrapped in 6 metal bands with your choice of finish, these barrels will come attached to a leather collar, where it can also be trimmed as needed to fit smaller dogs. You can choose from 500ml or 1 liter capacities, retailing for $49.95 and $56.95, respectively.

Source: OhGizmo!

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  1. Jen de Castro says:

    hi! how much for the 500ml barrel capacity including the shipping here in manila? thanks! please e-mail me.thanks!

  2. H Macmillan says:

    I would like a quote please for shipping to Sweden. Please e-mail me.

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