Table Tennis Mittens

by edwin - on March 21st, 2010

tt-mittensNow we’re not too sure why would one want to “invest” $99.95 in a pair of Table Tennis Mittens when you could easily buy the real thing for a much cheaper price, not to mention the latter being tournament legal. Perhaps you want to rock out during a mad frat party by making those shots with a mitten, but it will never be able to compensate for all those complex twists and turns that your wrist makes during an intense match using an actual table tennis bat, IMHO. The mitt supposedly boasts an unconventional design that “eliminates the handle and spreads apart the front and back of the paddles, allowing your hand to slip between them. The paddle becomes a natural extension of your arm, resulting in greater ball control, faster volleys, an improved backhand, and more spin.”

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