Stoplight Sleep Enhancing Clock

by edwin - on March 1st, 2010

bear-clockAlarm clocks are dime a dozen, and this time we have the Stoplight Sleep Enhancing Clock to keep us entertained. What’s so great or funny about this? Well, you get a lovingly sculpted bear figure located right next to the stoplight that boasts red and green lights which can be set by parents. It includes a digital clock for easy reading of time by the little ones, alongside an optional beeping function. Whenever the red light is turned on, the kids are supposed to stop whatever monkey business they’re involved in at the moment and head to bed. Yeah, right – as though they’ll let a $34.99 device dictate what they can or cannot do. No idea on why it is called a Sleep Enhancing Clock though, making it deserve a place on our pages.

One thought on “Stoplight Sleep Enhancing Clock”

  1. Sherri says:

    This product isn’t designed to get kids to stop what they are doing as you indicated. It helps kids that can’t tell time know if it is time to get up in the morning. If the red light is on, they know it is still too early to get out of bed. When the green light turns on, they understand it is morning.

    Actually, what is foolish is your review of this product. You obviously don’t have young kids or understand the functionality of this product. Anyone who has/had a toddler knows how many times their kids get out of bed at night asking “is it time to get up yet?” As a parent that has purchased this product and received many extra hours of sleep from it, I believe this should be on instead!

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