Sasquatch Soccer Ball

by edwin - on March 22nd, 2010

sasquatch-ballWe know that the long awaited World Cup that will be happening in South Africa later this summer is looming just across the horizon, so why not let your kids in on the fun by kicking a soccer ball around the garden? After all, they should be all doe-eyed over David Beckham when he lit up the MLS with his presence, although he is now out of commission no thanks to a torn Achilles tendon. Enter the Sasquatch Soccer Ball that ensures your little one won’t miss a single kick – it can also double up as a piece of decoration, being an enormous inflatable soccer ball. Made from PVC construction with a removable, washable 100% polyester skin, you can inflate it by mouth with 10 to 15 minutes’ worth of huffing and puffing, or take the easy way out with a pump. No idea who would fork out $99.95 for this.

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