Rx Locker keeps tablets away from itchy hands

by edwin - on March 12th, 2010

rx-locker_cgDr. Drew Pinsky, the host of Loveline and a celebrity rehabilitation doctor of TV fame, aims to branch out his portfolio to include consumer products field with the introduction of Dr. Drew’s Rx Locker. This gadget is but a simple lockbox that can hold up to a quartet of prescription pill bottles. Meant to keep your medicine secure from prying hands, it also prevents others from snooping around and deducing your ailments from the medication that you pop each day. We don’t think that this $14.95 device is worth it, as you will need to remember another number combination, since a regular locked bathroom cabinet ought to do the trick, don’t you think?

Source: Craziest Gadgets

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  1. AXD says:

    It’s actually a great idea. MOST home medicine cabinets DON’T lock. Try finding one – for the home. When you do… they START at about $150.00. Sure you might be able to screw some ugly hinge-lock onto your existing cabinet, but you’ll still need a key or combination lock (same problem you faulted). I’ll take the RxLocker thanks.

  2. m. anderson says:

    this is a cool product but even more i love Dr. Drew 🙂 i just watc him everywhere and on you tube

    and on the bonnie show too http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20B8xcx4XVA

  3. Mark says:

    This product is nothing but pure smoke and mirrors and gives parents a false sense of security. Its cheap plastic construction is only matched by its cheap use of a 1970’s briefcase lock. Even doctor Pinksy, who has a financial interest in selling this product, admits that “it doesn’t matter of they can break it open”. Is he crazy? Why would he “invent” and endorse a product that DOESN’T WORK, and that he admits doesn’t work. My 14 year old easily opened this glorified piece of Tupperware with his hands and snapped the lock. No screwdriver needed. It DOES NOT secure medication. It stores it. Thats a big difference. Shame on Pinksy.

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